Asia Addict Pattaya Guide

Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid and you just entered your favorite theme park and every ride there is yours to take?

This is the feeling that I get from this place, and allthough Pattaya has changed over the years, this feeling of adrenaline and happiness keeps entering my mind when I arrive here! If you are going to Thailand to fullfill your crazy sexy fantasies chances are big that your destination is gonna be Pattaya. Pattaya is by far the number one spot for naughtly nightlife in Thailand. There is no other place in the world where you can find as many sexy ladies trying to hook up with foreign men as here! 


Pattaya is MASSIVE, the entire city is catered to tourists who are looking for stunning Thai ladies. Because it's so big it can be difficult to find your way around the city, you can waste alot of time wandering around looking for that ''perfect spot''. If you are going here for retirement, that's fine. If you are going here for a holiday though, time is your worst enemy. You want to get the most out of your time once you land in paradise and therefore a few things are required. 


1. You need to know where the core of the nightlife is!

Because of the size of Pattaya, you won't be able to find this out on your own. I made an informative video to explain you about the core locations of nightlife. It's under 6 minutes long and I really recommend you to watch it. After watching, scroll down to see what else is important! 

2. You need to know which types of girls there are around the city so you know what to expect!

For this guide I will break them up in 5 categories. Ofcourse some of these overlap each other, but generally this is where it comes down to. 


1. Beer bar girls

There are thousands of ladies working in the beer bars in Pattaya. The bars where these girls work usually have cheap beers, pool tables and live sports. The ladies here are my personal favorite, they are real entertainers and most of them speak decent english. They are very easy going and most of them wont push you into buying a lady drink. Ofcourse you can take them to your hotel straight away, but what I enjoy a lot is just hanging out with them and drinking. Playing some games, ocassionaly buying them drinks and if I really like them I would take one with me. Girls here vary a lot in age and looks. Some people say they are not good looking, that is just bullshit. Even stunning hot ladies work in beer bars, they are just to lazy to dance on stage all night in a gogo. 


2. Go-go girls

They are in a different league. The girls working at the gogo's reminds me of girls working in eastern european strip clubs. They are more pushy for drinks, dance really hot on stage and will try to get the most out of your wallet. I love the gogo-bar girls but I rarely bar fine them because their attitude differs from the other girls. Hanging out in gogo's is a perfect way to see naked ladies and preparing yourself for what's to come in your hotel room later that night. If you take one to your hotel, remember she makes a lot of money in the gogo so she will try to get back there when she can.


3. Massage girls

If you wander around Pattaya you will hear ''Masssaaaaaaaageeee'' non-stop. Every massage salon has these pretty (usually big titted) ladies sitting in front of the salons trying to get you in. Ofcourse you can just go for a regular oil massage, but it's hard to get out without getting some 'extras'. The girls here have similair attitudes as those at the beer bars, so my advice is that if you really liked the experience with her, add her on LINE and get her to your hotel room later! 


4. Freelancers 

This is a big category, a lot of woman work without the supervision of a bar or salon. You can find them on the streets (mostly on beach road), in the clubs and online. Beware of the fact that most ladies don't work in the bars for different reasons. Some just don't like the working commitment which is required to work at a gogo or beer bar. Some got fired from the bar because they failed their health check or made trouble any other way. Be careful with these ladies, as there is no security. It doesn't happen much but I have heard stories from people I trust that got robbed in their own hotel room. Good luck finding her next day. The good thing about freelancers though are that you can meet them online aswell! If you start your tinder app you will get a 90%+ match rate and most of them will come to your hotel straight away. Pictures can be very deceiving though and there are tons of ladyboys on it aswell. Choose wisely!


5. Regular girls

Yes, there are also girls who are not sex workers, even in Pattaya. These girls usually work at restaurants, hotels, shops and ofcourse the local 7/11. In Pattaya everything is about sex for sale so it's hard to tell if she is not a freelancer in her spare time but I have met them. Especially outside of Pattaya the Thai girls are standing in line to meet you, have fun with you and fullfill their lifelong dream of dating a rich foreigner. Be careful though, you can fall in love easily with them and the Thai girls know how to make you feel guilty for leaving her! Some ladies will state that they are looking for a serious relationship, please be respectful and dont play with her hearth. If you are looking for just a few dates, or heck even a small holiday with her, let her know in advance. Chances are she thinks you are her prince of her dreams and before she knows it you are on a plane back to boringness. 


3. Find the perfect place for a hotel.

If you watched the video above you should have a general idea of where the nightlife is located. I can't stress this enough: the location of your hotel is really important. I remember staying a beautiful resort in the north of Pattaya but having trouble bouncing in and out of nightlife. There are also hotels who charge you for bringing a guest at night, thus making your trip more expensive. Trust me on this one. To help you out with this I made a page with my personal recomendations. There are to many hotels to choose from, the hotels in the list mentioned are all within a walking distance of the nightlife and are bang for buck! All great and safe picks, ofcourse they are guest friendly.


Let me help you plan your trip!

By now you might be ready to plan your trip to Thailand but still have many questions. I offer a service to help you plan out your trip to perfection. If you are interested, please contact me through the contact form and i'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you are using my expertise to plan your trip it will also give you an option to chat me through a lot of messenger apps on the go, even when you are on holiday itself and need some last minute advice! I will be there to help you! 

Download the maps featured in the video below