How to get to Pattaya?

Too lazy to read? No problem, I put it all in a video for you! For more details and timetables of the busses, scroll down!

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya

If you're coming from a long haul flight from outside Asia, you will probably land on Survnabhumi Airport. Good! This is by far your best option. As you can see Suvarnabhumi Airport lies at the east of Bangkok, with a connection with the highway to Pattaya so you dont have to go through the chaotic bangkok traffic. Once you cleared immigration you can proceed to the exit hall. There are different floors leading to different exits. Your cheapest option would be to take a coach bus straight to Pattaya. The company who runs the busses can be found on floor level 1. The price of a bus ticket is only 120THB / 3,50$ and you can only buy it at the counter itself. They go every hour where the earliest bus leaves at 5:30 in the morning and the last one leaves at 22:00. The ride usually takes about 2 hours depending on traffic and the all busses have aircon and reclining seats, which makes for a comfortable journey. The bus stops at 3 dropoff points, make sure to check which one is closest to your hotel but even if you stay till the final stop you will be in Jomtien, which is just a 10 minute songthaew ride from walking street. 

Above you can find the timetable of the busses going from Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya. If you missed the last one you can still go to Pattaya by taxi. It will set you back around 1500THB if you take one from the ticket service. Want to go cheaper? Prebook one online (1000THB) or use the Grab App. In case you don't know, Grab is the uber of Asia. 

U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya Int. Airport to Pattaya

It might sound logical to fly to Pattaya's airport, called U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport but it's actually not. There is no bus service like the one at Suvarnabhumi. There is 1 public bus which you can take, this one takes about 2 to 3 hours because it stops alot and doesn't drop you at your hotel. Your better option would be to take a private taxi at the counter there or use the Grab app for about 1000THB (30$) to get straight to your hotel. If you want cheaper you can take a shared minivan. These minivans are only 250THB (8$) but it will start driving once it's full and since the flights to this airport are limited it can take a while. Also they will have to drop everyone off at their hotels so be aware that the minibus is a time-waster. 


Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya

So you might be landing on Don Mueang airport, which is in the north of Bangkok. Again you can take a taxi, which will be over 1500THB. The fastest and cheapest way is that once you're at arrivals you should go to floor 1. Look for the ''A1 bus'' which is yelllow. Buy a ticket there to ''Mo Chit station'' for 30THB (1dollar). It leaves every 10 minutes. At Mo Chit bus station, which is the final stop, make sure its the bus one because there is also a train station with the same name which is very confusing. Enter the station and buy a ticket for the bus service to Pattaya, which is similair to the one from Suvarnabhumi discussed before, this will only set you back 120THB, which is roughly 3,50dollar. 


Timetables for bus stations in Bangkok

So you might already be in Bangkok and want to go from Pattaya from there. Again, you can take an expensive grab or taxi but ofcourse there is also a cheaper option. There is a bus service going from Ekkamai Bus Station in the east of Bangkok. Every taxi driver knows this station and there is even a BTS Skytrain station with the same name right next to it. Always use skytrain over taxi because of the traffic it is always faster. From Ekkamai Bus Station buy a ticket at the counter for 120THB to get to Pattaya. This bus stops at the North Pattaya bus station and from there you can get a cheap bath bus to your hotel. Similair buses run also from the North bus station (Mo Chit) and the South bus station (Sai Tai Mai). Check the time tables below for the differences. 

Ekamai bus station

Mo Chit bus station

Sai Tai Mai bus station (only 5 a day)

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