Patong, Phuket

To start it off with, i have to make clear that Patong offers something for everyone.  If you like Thai disco clubs with lots of sexy girls, Patong has it. Do you like laid back open bars with a relaxing beach vibe but also tons of girls, Patong has it. Do you like crazy gogo bars with smoking hot girls, Patong has it. In general, all the nightlife and naughty fun in Patong can be divided in three areas. The three areas all have their charm, but are in fact pretty different. 

Bangla road

Bangla road is home to some of the best night clubs i have ever seen. Once you arrive in Patong, this street is pretty hard to miss. Loud music, more than a hundred beer bars, and not to forget; all of the best gogo bars in Patong are situated in this area. You can go here pretty much 24 hours a day and find someplace to get a refreshing beer and be surrounded by many beautiful ladies.


You can go here in the daytime, but the real action starts at sunset. Most of the beer bars function in a complex, with large open bars where you can take a seat and enjoy all the craziness. One of the biggest beer bar complexes here is the Tiger complex. The place is full of tiger statues, cant miss. You can also enter one of the many gogo-bars, which are always inside. They are inside for a reason; the girls are really going crazy there. At around 1AM most of the beer bars close their doors and if you havent find the lady of your dreams yet; no worries! The night clubs will open their doors. The nr. 48 ranked night club in the world according to the renowned DJMAG is in this area. The place is called Illuzion and is, obviously, filled with smoking hot girls. If you like the real night club feel, this place is definitely worth checking out. The tiger complex also has an nightclub, its really good and you can find this club on the upper floor of the tiger building. Another recommendation for clubbing would be the Tai-Pan disco on the tails end of Bangla road. It's cheaper than the other night clubs but attracts just as many girls.


OTOP Beer bars

If you're in for a more laid back vibe you should definitely go here. The place is not known by all tourists and therefore the vibe is really good. It's close to the OTOP Shopping centre and features about 30 beer bars all with the same layout. The bars look like bamboo huts and the girls here are not so pushy as in the Bangla road area. The last time ive been here was in September 2018, by that time many bars were still being build, so probally right now its even bigger! 


If you ask me, this is the perfect place to get some drinks in before hitting the bangla road later at night. Most bars open at 3PM in the afternoon and close at around 2AM. It really has the feeling of a tropical paradise, with all the beautiful ladies sitting under the bamboo roofs of the bars. You can play pool, play your own music on the speakers or just relax and have a cold refreshing drink with other tourists. No strings attached here! 

Southern Beer bars

This is a smaller complex compared to the OTOP area, it consits of around 10 bars. Despite it being smaller; it still has plenty of girls.

This place is pretty special because all of the bars in the complex work together. You can sit down and order a beer at one bar, if you don't like the bar, you can just walk to another one and hang out there.